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The U.S. Air Force is allotted 24% of WHCA's personnel slots. Air Force personnel can be found in almost all areas of WHCA from satellite communications to photo processing, from computer programming to the personnel arena.

The application process consists of two steps:

  1. Volunteer within AMS (Assignment Management System) via the AF Portal for your specific AFSC, then email the AF recruiter immediately after pushing the volunteer button. Or, email the AF recruiter directly if you’re interested in applying.
  2. Completely fill out application and submit to PD-Recruiting@whmo.mil with the following documents in PDF format:
    • Application
    • Last three EPRs
    • PT history
    • SURF
    • BIO
    • Joint Assignment Leadership Evaluation
  3. WHCA job vacancies will be posted on the Equal Plus system 12-18 months from the date of the projected vacancy. If none appear, there are no vacancies. WHCA is a five year tour, and turn around is constant.

Applications missing the above documents will not be processed.

NOTICE: The recruiting email address is unable to receive encrypted emails. If you experience any type of errors submitting your documents to our recruiting email please follow these directions:

  1. First create the applicant creates an account at max.gov. Use CAC card to create an account.
  2. Now that you have an account, you can upload files by going to drive.max.gov. Applicant will select a file to upload, a number of days the file will be available, and you can (but don’t have to) also identify a password for pickup. It will be easiest to scan all documents into one file for one PDF to upload onto the website.
  3. After one PDF file including all paperwork is uploaded, a unique website link will be generated. Applicants will send WHCA Recruiting Team PD-Recruiting@whmo.mil or psdmedicalscreening@whmo.mil the link (and password if applicable) and our team can go in to pick up the document.
The White House Communications Agency does not utilize DoD SAFE in its recruiting processes.

Officers apply through their respective Service Branch Managers, or through whcaofficerrecuiting@whmo.mil.

Listed below are all of our USAF AFSC's:

3D100 3F5X1
1B4X1 3D1X0 3N0X0
1N3X1 (RU) 3D1X1 3N0X2
1S0X1 3D1X2 3N0X5
2S0X1 3D1X3 3P0X1
3D0X1 3D1X7 1N0X1
 3D0X2 3E6X1 6C0X1
3D0X3 3F0X1 6F0X1
3D0X4 3F2X1